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1 question: $15

2 Questions: $25

3 Questions: $40

astrology readings

Types of questions I can answer:

  • What is my rising sign and moon sign?

  • What type of person am I meant to be with?

  • What is my biggest caveat?

  • What type of job/career/work would I be good at?

  • What area of my life makes me most emotionally secure?

  • What is my karma in this life time?

  • What is my quest in this life?

  • What type of people do I attract?

  • How will I die?

...And so much more! I can do some yes/no questions, but please be advised that it is not a guarantee. It's more rather what is favorable and not favorable, according to the birth chart and where the planets are right now in relation to the birth chart.

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