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Things Handmade With Love

These are some gifts that I made that I'm just particularly proud of.

I made these four cards for ladies I worked with at the Daytime Show during college. I was sad to part with them, but my time there will never be forgotten.

This is a pop-up gift card holder I made for my best friend Pressli's twin girl, Adeline and Annalise. I got the idea off of a Youtube video. I really, really liked making this and even wished I got to keep this because of how beautiful it turned out, so she better keep it forever!!

This card was special to me because it was for one of my dialysis techs that was moving back to New York. We talked all the time, and she always accommodated me whenever I needed to change my shift.

I made these this card for Jerry, whom I worked with at the Daytime Show during college. He had just had open heart surgery.

I made this for my best friend Sarah. In the picture is her dog, Knox, who she rescued and absolutely adores. This was probably one of my most favorite things to make because I knew how much this canvas would mean to her. I designed everything on Adobe inDesign and had it printed from Needless to say, she cried when she opened it. 

I made this for one of my closest friends for her baby shower. I drew it and painted it.  Each bubble is a space for guests to make a note.

I made this card for a friend who really likes Batman...I gave him a Harry Potter wand as well, another one of his interests. This is another one of my favorite creations. 

This is a card I made April 2017 for my boyfriend at the time. One of my favorites.

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