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Nola--taken 5/13

Isla--taken 8/13


As a young woman, it has opened my eyes to the world of motherhood and what it actually be like to be a mother. Yes, there are those days where it feels like you just can't take it anymore, you're stressed out, things are happening that make your kids mad that are out of your control, and all you want to do is just wind down with your hubby and a glass of wine, and maybe watch some Netflix. Or SLEEP! 


Now see for the family I'm with now, I'm more of their nanny, and that's because I'm there five to six times a week. People my age think it's the easiest job ever. On the contrary, what they perhaps don't take into account is that boys fight. And there's always a sharing issue, or one doesn't want to play with the other, or one tries to be the dominant one, etc. Not to mention that a babysitter, or somone who is watching your kids, has an extremely important position. Parents are basically putting the life of their children in my hands. Think about that for a second...You must feel pretty confident and trustworthy to leave your kids with someone else.                                                                                                                                                                                    

        abysitting for these children has been such a pleasure and a great experience. They all have different personalities, so you have to learn to adjust to that and what their specfic needs are. None of these babies could talk of course, but it doesn't mean I wasn't talking to them...and singing! *blushing*

I would spend my days with them making the formula, changing diapers, and just trying to get them to be interactive as much as they can. You know, the works. Jared, the oldest as you can see actually knows how to use an iPad...I mean c'mon! Really?! That's these days...haha. He was partaking in educational apps, so it was good to know his brain was stimulated, even though he couldn't even speak!

As one would expect, taking care of children, let alone babies, is draining. And this is coming from a girl who only saw these babies a few times a week! Although right now, I actually do it every day. So if I find it depleting, I can't fathom how parents must feel. It has honestly made me reconsider that housewives with children do have a difficult job and probably the most important.



In spite of that, what I've come to love about children is watching them grow. I have known Adrian and Ethan since they were five and eight. They are now eight and eleven. Just some of the things they say fascinate me. The younger one, Adrian, once asked me, "Why you don't have a boyfriend?" out of the blue! Ethan recently said, "His [Donald Trump] hair looks like a duck." He also once told me that I was the "prettiest and nicest and smallest babysitter" he's ever had. It was so cute...the smallest!


It's not only the things they can say, but the capabilities of which they are able to achieve. They're reading is becoming stronger, they're remembering to wash their hands without me reminding them, they're saying please and thank you, and even just watching them smile and be happy is such a good feeling. I love to spoil them because I get to see them light up and be giddy. Adrian and Ethan are like brothers to me, and I hope that I have a small impact on their life.                                                                                                                                                                                     

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