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reiki healing

$25 Distant Healing

I am a certified Reiki Master. However, I don't particularly like the term "master". If you look up the historical term, it's not a very pleasant description. So I like to call myself a Reiki healer. I am certified and skilled in hands on (in person) Reiki, as well as distant Reiki healing.

I have completed Reiki levels one through three over the course of a few months. I did not complete my training in a weekend course. Even though the official training is over, Reiki, much like tarot and astrology, is a continuous learning process. I learn something new every time I do a reiki healing, tarot reading and astrology reading.

Reiki is a natural, holistic type of therapy that makes use of the energy of the universal life force for spiritual healing. Reiki is for everyone, no matter your religion. Reiki makes use of the ability of the body to support and promote natural healing.

What is the first thing we do when we bump our knee? Our instinct is to immediately touch that area with our hands. After a few minutes, we start to feel better, right? Welcome to Reiki.


A common misconception is that Reiki is someone giving energy. It is not. It’s about the power of intention to help transform energy. Even without medication, our bodies are naturally always wanting to heal ourselves, and our thoughts are always affecting our outcome. If you are always negative, negativity is what you are going to attract. Same goes with being positive. We have the power to create the cause that in turn will produce the effect we want.

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