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About Me

To start off, I am: 

Virgo Rising

Scorpio Sun

Aries Moon.


have liked zodiac signs ever since I could remember. I grew up in a Catholic home, so my interests in this area was never nurtured. I am obsessed with Harry Potter. However, I was scolded for having the books and was told they were not allowed in the house because it was "witchcraft". Now I own every book, including the illustrated versions, the pop-up books, the collector's books, the film books, and even the wand collection book. The first wand I bought was that of Severus Snape. He was my favorite character in the series. One of my dreams was to have Alan Rickman sign page 394 of my Harry Potter book. I was devastated when I heard of his passing. I also have The Elder Wand and Hermione's wand.

My best friend Sammy and I like to celebrate the New Moon and Full Moon. What with and doesn't? A few years ago, his ex, Matt, texted him out of the blue warning him to not to celebrate the upcoming full moon. Now Matt didn't know that Sammy had been into the spiritual side of things, nor did Sammy know that of Matt. I also had never met Matt, and Matt did not know of me at this time.


Matt told Sammy that he had a vision of Sammy at a table, with candles lit, and a woman was sitting to his left. He said to that woman's left was a dark entity, a shadowy figure that was watching. I am the only person Sammy has done rituals with, so he was definitely talking about me.

After learning this information, we all got on a three way call together. Matt said that he wasn't sure if the figure was a good or bad entity, and he wasn't sure who it was attached to, although we had a feeling. Matt asked us to carry around a stone we felt called to for a week, send it to him, and he would do a reading.

The results came in. Matt said whatever it was he saw is attached to me. He said it wasn't good or bad. What it is doing is watching me, probably to see which way I lean with my magic. He said that my stone was oozing with magic and that it runs in my blood. He said that it has been passed down. Now, I'm adopted, so I don't know my birth parents, so this was very interesting to learn. He also said that tarot reading is my gift and to share that with people and help people.

A little over a year later, I went on a trip to Aspen with a few of my school friends. There was another young woman that came on the trip with us that I had never met before. Her name is Nyurka.

We stayed in this cabin in Aspen. Upstairs was a whole room by itself and its own bathroom. Downstairs there were two rooms, each furnished with two beds. Nobody wanted the upstairs, so I was all for it. The first night, I felt very unsettled. The bed also wasn't very comfortable. So the second night I asked Nyurka if I could stay in her room. We quickly bonded.

Nyurka had told me she had been having strange dreams and visions. The next night, I asked her if she had any weird dreams. She told me that she did see something. She said that that she saw this black mist on my left side, and it was grabbing onto me. She said it was very strong and couldn't tell if it was male or female. She also said that I was staring at the moon, and my eyes were white. 

I never told her what Matt told me until this moment. I felt so eerie. Two people who I had never met before and don't know each other, told me the exact same thing. I'm still trying to figure out what it means.  Nyurka drew this picture of what it looked like. Any ideas? 

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