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The Devil: addictions, obsessions, unstable minds, narcissists

After going through really traumatic events and a devastating heartbreak, my spiritual awakening process started to come to me in June 2018. I came across tarot card readings on Youtube. Since then, I have become more in tuned with my spiritual side and my higher self.

As a Scorpio, we are the most intuitive and pyschic sign, which is part of why we have a need to figure things out and investigate if we get a hint that someone is betraying us.

Daily General Tarot Reading for ALL Signs:

I asked for a single card for today for the collective energy of all horoscope signs, and The Devil came out almost right away.

The Devil represents addiction, obsession, self sabotage, unstable mind, mental illness, narcissists, someone who doesn't take responsibility for their actions, someone who blames things on everyone else and someone who doesn't think like others. It can also represent your shadow side and what is keeping you from being the best version of yourself.

This could represent you or it can also represent external forces such as, drugs, alcohol, sex, another person, toxic people, or a person or relationship you're addicted to.

The bottom of the deck declares the underlying energy:

The Devil and Strength are Two Major Arcana's, which means they are very important messages and something to really pay attention to.

Strength can represent ego or pride. In conduction with The Devil, this means your shadow side is getting the best of you. These cards are trying to show you what you refuse to acknowledge.

Strength can also be showing you to be aware of your shadow self or toxic people or addictions around you and to power through, rise above, and overcome these obstacles.

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